Yoga Monastery in Sweden
Since 1976, the Yoga Monastery in Ydrefors, Sweden, has been a place of spiritual awakening, hosting legendary retreats and powerful spiritual programs. Many advanced yogis and elevated souls have lived or spent time here, making it an ideal place for deep reflection and transcendental experiences.
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Over 550 monks and nuns have completed their spiritual training in this monastery. Therefore, the spiritual vibration of this place is very strong.

For visitors it is a perfect chance to practically learn a lot about yoga and yogic life-style from wise and knowledgeable teachers. It is also a special opportunity to make progress in your personal meditation practice in the company of so many experienced practitioners and inspirational teachers. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by a beautiful community of like-minded people, who share the same interests and concerns as you. And last, but not least, you will enjoy the delicious, international flavors of our vegetarian cuisine.

Yoga Monastery is a simple, serene place nestled in vast expanses of quiet forests, next a beautiful lake. Closing your eyes, you will feel your mind rising up on the currents of spiritual energy generated by hundreds of spiritual seekers and acaryas coming here for collective practices.

A couple of days spent here may totally change your understanding of yourself, of your life and relationships with the other people.

You can find the answers to questions that have haunted you for years, while acquiring a deeper understanding of your unique purpose in life.

Ydrefors, SE-598 73 Gullringen, Sweden
Ydrefors, SE-598 73 Gullringen, Sweden
About this place
To immerse yoursef in the silence of pine forests and clear lakes
To deepen your yoga and meditation practice
A strong spiritual vibration from so many years of intensive meditation practices
Delicious vegetarian meals
Over 550 monks and nuns of yoga have graduated from this centre.
Yoga and meditation retreats.
Since 1976, many retreats have been held in this place.
Dada Gunatmananda will speak about Mantra, Sadhana, Society and Samskaras
Spring retreat
for advanced practitioners
To meet new friends and wise spiritual guides from around the world
Sadhana Camp and 3 days Akhanda Kiirtana
Dada Sadananda
Dada Gunatmananda
Didi Ananda Sainjana
Didi Sushraddha
Meditation practices, talks and lectures about meditation for beginners
Art of silence
Art events with paint. Cultural music evenings
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Ydrefors, SE-598 73 Gullringen, Sweden
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